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We are just beginning February and I am a little late in getting my New Year wishes out. It’s been a very busy January but I wanted to wish you all a year of inspiration, creativity and joy.

Recently, I have signed my name to “Honour the Treaties”. Many of you may not know that many Native communities have never seceded to Canada. Their lands remain wholly their own. We are asking the Canadian government to honour these borders and treaties and to honour the rights and wishes of the people who live there. We join with them in support of their lawful right not to have pipelines forced through their land.

It is important to me that I let you know that I am personally opposed to pipelines and to the oil sands. I believe very strongly that “Our Canada” is not proving itself willing to be honest about the astonishingly large number of spills that have already happened, nor is it being held accountable for poison going into rivers. The rivers with this poisonous pollution flow downstream through wilderness, through rural communities, and through cities. Who then is getting that drink of water with the poison in it? Which animals? What land? Which one of us will become ill? Local communities have astronomically high cancer rates and when they put this information forward, they are treated not as the victims they are, but as aggressors. I cannot, in all good conscience, remain silent. Without clean air, clean water and clean land we perish. Simple, from my vantage point: no life, no dance. And though I say so with humour grown from irony, it is true; not just of dance but of all things.

I believe that the money being put into the extraction of oil and bitumen would yield better results if invested in alternative renewable energy. We all know that renewal energy must, and can, fuel the future for us to survive. It is the only long-term economic route to take.  Canada’s future economic prosperity is not divorced from the rest of the world. We can lead the way in new technology or we can poison our natural resources. The choice is ours.

I urge you to not be silent, as silence is considered acquiescence, but rather to raise your voice in calling for a better future and in calling for funding and advancement of renewable energies.   Raise your voice to oppose subsidy and support for an outmoded form of energy that honestly causes death and destruction. Raise your voice for a future with clean air, water, and land, where we respect the intrinsic value of life itself and the interconnectedness of all things. May your voice be loud and may it sing out from your soul with clarity and hope. May 2014 be a year of changing with the tide of reason and awareness.

All my best, with deep thanks,

Margie Gillis

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