“But it’s while watching the magnificent Margie Gillis, solidly grounded in a swaying cliff-top sea of tall grass, yet ethereal, her body undulating as her fabulous long mane is buffeted by strong winds, that you can feel the Earth move.”
Henrietta Wallmark, The Globe and Mail, Toronto

« La présence de Margie Gillis irradie (…), son corps mûr resplendit de sa totale maîtrise scénique qui avale le spectateur. »
Frédérique Doyon, Le Devoir

“She is a stage animal who always gives everything of herself in performance, and the wildly enthusiastic audience responded to her poignant vulnerability by giving Gillis a standing ovation.”
Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail, Toronto

“There’s great humanity, humor and an unfussy sensuality in what she does.”
John Doyle, Globe and Mail

“As she celebrates a 30-year career, her timing, her gestures, and her focus are finetuned to a perfect pitch. She performs as if the stage were her home, and there is no place she’d rather be.”
Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice, New York

« Technique assurée, danse vibrante et intense, Margie Gillis possède une présence rare. »
Brigitte Hernandez, Le Point, Paris

« Margie Gillis a toujours le « corps pensant », selon sa propre formulaire, peut-être même plus que jamais. »
Aline Apostolska, La Presse, Montréal

“…Gillis is a curious blend of maturity, youth, beauty and strength and she uses it like a master storyteller pulling us deep into her world.”
Catherine Litt, Nanaimo News Bulletin

“Margie Gillis can make her body talk – or whimper, sigh, giggle, weep, yell and even flounder clumsily like a loon. Her gift for expression is so sophisticated, so primal, that it can become dizzying to watch her.”
Laura Bleiberg, The Orange County Register

“A dancer who touches the soul.”
The Ottawa Citizen

“One of the rare contemporary dance recitalist of real distinction.”
Clive Barnes, New York Post

“Gillis can invest small, minimal gestures with tremendous import, but she can also move big – and with power.”Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice, New York

“This is your chance to see a LIVING legend…. She is, quite simply, like no one else.”
Tom Patrick, The Dance Insider, New York

“Gillis knows how to wring emotion from gesture, large and small, simple and complex. And she knows how to transform herself, so that even though we’re always focused on the same supple and womanly body, we’re never watching the same person dance, as one solo is replaced by the next.”
Sylviane Gold, Newsday , NewYork

“Full of humour and pathos, this was Gillis at her quicksilver story-telling best. Bloom alone is worth the price of admission.”
Linde Howe-Beck, The Gazette, Montréal

« …la danseuse évoquait, en s’appuyant sur une foule d’images poétiques, un périple sur une mer mouvementée, telle une allégorie de la vie ».
Linda Boutin, Voir, Montréal

“Margie Gillis takes dancing to new levels of virtuosity. There is possibly no artist today so quicksilver and variable, drawing from what seems an inexhaustible source of emotion, feeling and sensitivity.”
Margaret Putnam, The Dallas Morning News

Artiste épanouie, équilibrée, Margie séduit tout à la fois par sa riche palette expressive et sa force de concentration.
René Sirvin, Le Figaro, Paris

« … sa puissance expressive est considérable. Son geste a plus de force qu’une parole: lorsqu’elle vous touche, elle vous atteint aux tréfonds de votre âme et vous ne pouvez plus l’oublier. »
Jean-Marie Gourreau, Telexdanse, France

“The Gillis of today, mature and seasoned, is more than a dancer. She has become, as Duncan did before, a living embodiment of spiritual values.”
Michael Crabb, The Toronto Star

“…Gillis is a wonderful dancer with a robust passion, a compelling sense of life and music, and most important, that heaven-sent ability to carve movement into the memory of its audience.”
Clive Barnes, The New York Post

“One doesn’t come across the flamelike intensity of a dancer like Margie Gillis too often. A celebration of the life of the senses.”
Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

“In 20 years I have seen no-one who comes close to her extraordinary artistry as a solo performer. She is one of the few dancers in the world to be able to sustain a solo program on her own.”
Marilyn Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle

“The integrity of the pieces and the surety of a repertoire that strikes superb balance between wit and deep emotion makes Gillis an essential part of the universe of dance.”
Janice Berman, New York Newsday

“Soloist Margie Gillis has an energy so pervasive that it seems almost palpable. Even when she is absolutely still or when she has left the stage, an electricity remains.”
Doris Hering, Dance Magazine

“You see, Gillis isn’t about steps and being on the right count. She’s about inner  visions being made physical with searing honesty.”
Kathryn Greenaway, The Gazette, Montréal

« Son corps est comme un livre ouvert où l’on peut lire la tendresse, la colère devant la maladie, l’angoisse de perdre un être aimé, l’impuissance devant la mort…c’est véritablement dans la nuance et la retenue que l’artiste donne désormais sa pleine mesure. »
Anne-Marie Lecomte, La Presse, Montréal

« Une extrême précision d’une infinie douceur. Jamais l’envoûtement n’est rompu. Sans aucun décor, sans effet d’éclairage, elle n’exprime que la force du sentiment et le pouvoir de la sincérité. »
Régis Tremblay, Le Soleil, Québec