• REPERTOIRE: Margie will teach her repertoire to selected dance artists who are committed to preserving and continuing her legacy and who have a level of excellence that Margie believes will extend the essence of the work.

  • MENTORING: Participants will learn Margie’s methodology of creation and Margie will mentor select participants for their own creations.
  • CREATION: Participants will observe Margie in creation of her own work and Margie will create new work for select participants.
  • Participants will learn how to deepen their own performance technique through observation and workshops;
  • They will learn to understand Margie’s artistry as she continues her career, challenging her, assisting her and functioning in mutual support.
  • Participants will learn to apply Margie’s teaching approaches to working with dance artists, self-identifying non-dancers, children, and community-based groups with particular focal points, such as emotional health, conflict transformation*, law, and concepts of fairness;
  • Select participants will also learn Margie’s methods of teaching to professional dancers of the highest excellence. They will dialogue with Margie and each other about Margie’s teaching methods, each developing their own personal approaches to teaching.

* A select group of astute dancers who are committed to social change and the furtherance of humanitarian endeavours will further develop the work that Margie Gillis has already started, along with Michelle LeBaron.