Under the auspices of the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, The Legacy Project/Projet Héritage is a special initiative dedicated to ensure the continuity of Margie Gillis’ unique and important creative heritage. The project mandate is to protect and promote Margie’s legacy through working with the next generation of dance artists in her creative and teaching activities. Of fundamental importance to Margie is that her work remain relevant to the people she shares it with. Participants are therefore encouraged to grow and share the work in a way that is relevant to the age and the society they engage in, as well as their own artistic visions. It is an exchange based on excellence, devoted to advancing and transmitting Margie’s concepts of creation, teaching and humanitarian vision.


1. Creation and mentoring

Margie teaches her repertoire, creates new works and mentors selected dance artists. Participants also observe Margie in the creation of her own work.

2. Performance technique

Participants learn how to deepen their own performance technique through observation, classes and workshops.

3. Teaching

Participants learn Margie’s unique methods of teaching and are encouraged to develop their own personal approaches, inspired by Margie.

4. Conflict transformation and social change

A select group of astute dancers who are committed to social change and humanitarian endeavours work with Margie Gillis to further develop her work about conflict transformation through movement.

5. Performances

Accompanied by dancers chosen from among project participants, Margie will bring to the stage a unique performance made up of short pieces including works from her repertoire as well as new creations.