Gender in Mediation: An Exercise Handbook for Trainers


Gender in Mediation contains 47 practical exercises to help negotiation and mediation trainers make their trainings more gender-sensitive. By focusing on the intersection between mediation, gender equality and interactive didactics, the handbook seeks to support participatory and consensus-oriented decision making in situations of conflict. Autors: Simon Mason, Anna Hess, Rachel Gasser, Julia Palmiano Federer.



An Exploration of Fairness


An Exploration of Fairness is a collection of writings about fairness, edited by Dr Janis P. Sarra, Director of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of British Columbia. Margie has written the chapter Reflections on Dance and the Body’s Contribution to Living Fairness.




The Choreography of Resolution


The Choreography of Resolution explores how conflict, movement and neuroscience are all intertwined and the effects each factor plays in resolution. The authors consider the role of movement in conflict dynamics, expose the limitations of omitting the body from understandings of conflict, explore ethical dimensions of embodied approaches, and propose key strategies for conflict intervention.