Margie Gillis is thrilled to be part of this 19th edition of Festival Quartiers Danse!

Festival Quartiers Danses is a specialized dance festival based in Montreal. The festival has made it its mission to democratize contemporary dance in all its forms and hybridities by making it more accessible to all audiences in traditional and unusual venues.

On September 14th and 16th, Margie will be presenting “Histoires d’isolement” at the Festival Quartiers Danses. “Histoires d’isolement” was created during the past few months, as we all evolved in our homes, separated from each other. A touching and deeply emotional work.

Our deepest thanks to dancers and creative collaborators Geneviève Boulet, Marc Daigle, Ruth Naomi Levin, Lucy M. May, Susan Paulson and Alisia Pobega, and Tessa Rae Kuz.

See the full program for the show Histoire d’Isolement:


DUET (2020)
Dancers | Marc Daigle and Susan Paulson
Music | Sebastian Zawadzki

SOUL’S HORIZON (Piece in preview 2021)
Dancer | Tessa Rae Kuz

CROW (2018)
Dancer | Susan Paulson
Music | Created by Travis Laplante; Mixed by Philippe Rochefort

Dancer | Marc Daigle
Music | Eugene Friesen

CE PRINTEMPS (2021 World Premiere)
Dancer | Ruth Naomi Levin


Dancer | Lucy M. May
Music | Quartom

AS WE FIND OUR STRENGTH (2021 World Premiere)
Dancer | Susan Paulson
Music | Sebastian Zawadzki

COVIVIDE (2021 World Premiere)
Dancer | Geneviève Boulet

IN THE BALANCE OF LOVE (2021 World Premiere)
Dancer | Alisia Pobega
Music | Giovanni Battista Pergolesi & Dame Emma Kirkby

CE PRINTEMPS (2021 World Premiere)
Dancer | Ruth Naomi Levin

All choreography – Margie Gillis in collaboration with the dancer
All original lighting – Pierre Lavoie


Tickets are already on sale, book yours now!


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