Appear…  Disappear… Reappear…

Margie Gillis, Laurence Hobgood and Rhiannon create  live improvised art as a trio, in various duo combinations and as soloists. The concert experience unfolds as each artist –  in the spirit of the moment -breaths,   “yes, and…”

Improvisation is the creative activity of immediate  artistic composition, which combines performance with communication of emotions and technique, as well as the spontaneous response to other artists.

For USA booking:
Margie T. Farmer 

For Canadian booking:
Valerie Cusson     


Margie Gillis

But it’s while watching the magnificent Margie Gillis,solidly grounded in a swaying cliff-top sea of tall grass, yet ethereal, her body undulating as her fabulous long mane is buffeted by strong winds, that you can feel the Earth move.
Henrietta Wallmark, The Globe and Mail, Toronto
©Anthony McLean


Rhiannon, the grand sorcerer, lures all whom she meets, her collaborators, I being one, her students, and her audiences, into the mysteries of her enchanted world of song. 

Ruth Zaporah, Action Theater

©Janne E. Watson

Laurence Hobgood

The fluidity, tonal sheen and narrative arc of Hobgood’s pianism long has set him apart from contemporaries, his work only deepening through the decades. Power without noise, energy without haste, drama without overstatement. 

Howard Reich
©Steve Roby

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