The time we have all been waiting for! Rhiannon and Margie are reuniting in October to bring us, once again, the beloved Nature of Voice and Body workshop!


Rhiannon and Margie find they are connected by nature.
We are all nature.
Our feet are nature. Our hands and arms are nature. Our bodies are nature.
Trees around us and mountains are nature.
Water and elements of fire and air are nature.
Expression is natural..
Voice and body are nature.
All we know and remember is part of nature.
The part where we sing and dance, move and make sound for all of the history of the world.
All our lives are nature.

Rhiannon and Margie find the nature of improvisation together.
Joining their lifelong skills as artists and innovators.
Finding the nature of collaboration with 20 students coming from everywhere
for a precious time of inspiration, magic and diligent endeavor made simple by nature.

Add it to your calendar now!


Oct. 14-17, 2021
ONLINE: 4 days – 4 hours online each day

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