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The Pull of the Seasons

“We are all Nature” – Margie Gillis.

In this vivacious, mischievous, and light-hearted piece, choreographer Margie Gillis celebrates nature, in a heartfelt appeal to her native Quebec origins, where each season is more spirited and dazzling than the next. Add into the mix, a long and fruitful collaboration with renowned jazz improvisational singer Rhiannon. Although the “Belle Province” is ever present in this piece, the choreographer was also inspired by Hawaii. On the Hawaiian Islands, Nature is Queen, the mother of every living thing and the symbol of life. The piece is inspired by Pélé, the spirited goddess of volcanoes, dance and fire who created the Islands. It is happy, quick-tempered, fragile, formidable, incongruous, and treasured. Nature is personified by 10 dancers parading on stage to offer a sensitive and shimmering panorama.

An ode to every dimension of Life and Nature, where humour meets audacity in a touching dance.

Created by Margie Gillis in collaboration with Rhiannon,
and collaborative choreography: Geneviève Boulet, Alexandra Caron, Isabel Cruz, Caitlin Griffin, Tessa Rae Kuz, Ruth Naomi Levin, Kyana Lyne, Hoor Malas, Sarah Murphy, Alisia Pobega

Dancers: Alexandra Caron, Geneviève Boulet, Caitlin Griffin, Ruth Naomi Levin, Tessa Rae Kuz, Hoor Malas, Alisia Pobega

Live Music: Rhiannon

Recorded Music: Rhiannon, Joey Blake, David Worm, Rafaelle Mackay Lighting

Design: Pierre Lavoie

Sound Technician: Martin Ruel

Costumes by: Sonya Bayer, Anne Dixon, Denis Lavoie, Margie Gillis

Portrait : Damian Siqueiros

Aknowledgements : Louise Lapierre Danse, Springboard Danse Montréal, l’Église Saint-Mark d’Acton Vale

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Evening program

And Full Cast
Recorded Music: Rafaelle Mackay


Dancer: Caitlin Griffin and company
Music: Rhiannon with recorded harmonics Rafaelle Mackay

Dancer: Ruth Naomi Levin and company
Music: Rhiannon and company

Dancer: Alexandra Caron
Music: Rhiannon and recorded music Jamie Sieber and Rhiannon

Mother: Alisia Pobega
Sun: Hoor Malas
Geneviève Boulet, Ruth Naomi Levin, Tessa Rae Kuz, Hoor Malas, Caitlin Griffin
Recorded Music: Rhiannon, Joey Blake, David Worm

Sun: Hoor Malas
Storm Cloud: Alexandra Caron
Lightening: Caitlin Griffin
Ambient Music: Rainstorm

Dancer: Geneviève Boulet
Tree Chorus: Hoor Malas, Alexandra Caron, Caitlin Griffin
Live Music: Rhiannon
Ambient Music: Fireplace

Dancers: Ruth Naomi Levin, Tessa Rae Kuz
Live Music: Rhiannon
Ambient Music: Snow Storm

Dancer: Margie Gillis
Live Music: Rhiannon
Ambient Music: Snow Storm

Dancer: Geneviève Boulet
Live Music: Rhiannon
Ambient Music: Chopin

and Full Cast

Created at Louise Lapierre Dance Studio, Montreal and at St. Mark’s Church Arts Project, Acton
Vale, Quebec and at Rhiannon’s studio in Hilo, Big Island Hawaii.

Canada Council for the Arts
Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Quebec
Conseils des Arts de Montreal

Catherine Bourgeois, Richard Cyr, Marc Daigle, Margie Gillis, Adriane Porcin, Linda Rabin

Margie Gillis Danse Foundation

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