Photo: Whitney Browne


Margie was honoured to be asked by Paul, before his death, to create a work for the Paul Taylor Dance Company. She loved working with the talented dancers who gave their utmost, with such passion, to her “wilder ways”. She was thrilled to be an artist in residence, and to share her wisdom and expertise.

In the new work, Rewilding, Margie encourages us to reintegrate with our own wildness and to respect and embrace our connection to the natural world.

Ever since she was a young artist, Margie Gillis has been exploring.  She investigates movement and creates rituals of improvisation to discover the natural architecture, the inherent geometry of a work. She looks for the organic path that a dance needs to take.” – Christine Jowers, The Dance Enthusiast

To three movements from “The Art of Fugue,” 16 dancers abandoned themselves to breathy spins and ecstatic leaps (Devon Louis stood out for his extra-springy jump), a statement on the urgency of communing with nature.” – Siobhan Burke, The New York Times

Paul was a long time hero and inspiration for Margie – Her brother, Christopher Gillis, danced with the Paul Taylor Dance Company for 18 years. He supported and encouraged Margie’s art, and his name remains on the Honorary Board of the Legacy Project.

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