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In this milestone year underlining 50 years of a professional career in dance,
we are beyond excited to announce that OLD, Margie’s newest solo, will premiere at AGORA de la danse March 9-10-11. In a rich and moving exploration of what it means to age, OLD is a bumpy journey of possibility that you won’t want to miss!


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Form changes, but essence remains intact. The material world dissolves, but the energy that courses through us transmutes into something vivid and clear. How do we embrace old age? Margie Gillis uses her body to illustrate this evolution, one that is punctuated by highs, lows, loss, and discovery. As she herself navigates this new phase of her life, she invites us to join her as she faces a depletion of the physical body with softness and acceptance.

Choreography Margie Gillis
Dancer Margie Gillis
Directors Margie Gillis, Randal Newman
Music Rhiannon, Sebastian Zawadzki
Scenography Randal Newman
Lighting Director Pierre Lavoie
Lighting Assistant Öykü Onder
Technical Director Pierre Lavoie
Costumes Sonya Bayer, Margie Gillis, Randal Newman

Residencies Théâtre Rouge – Conservatoire de Montréal,  Saint-Mark Church- Acton Vale, Agora de la danse

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