©Sasha Onyshchenko

“Breathtaking – Wild – Compassionate – Masterpiece”

This new selection of solos was created during the pandemic, in collaboration with the dancers of the Legacy Project of the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation.

Histoires d’isolement is the result of the challenges, joys and weaknesses of the uncertain world of confinement. The life of the performers was the starting point for each painting. The topics that emerged from this research are isolation, overwhelming responsibility, the desire to help others, the search for deeper strength, suspended time, the explosion of frustrations, the passion for spring and new growth, the search for a soft heart, abandonment and vulnerability. The need to dance was deeply felt.

Memories poured out of us in urgency. Margie codified them into “crystals” or “poems” that captured the essence of our individual and collective lives during the pandemic. The need to understand and reveal this “New World” through the wisdom of experience was painfully deep.

Margie Gillis in collaboration with the dancers

Geneviève Boulet, Alexandra Caron, Marc Daigle, Tessa Rae Kuz, Ruth Naomi Levin, Hoor Malas, Susan Paulson, Alisia Pobega

Sebastian Zawadzki, Marie Uguay and
Eugene Friesen

Pierre Lavoie


General audience
Year of creation : 2021
Duration: 60 minutes without intermission

– 7 dancers
– 1 choreographer
– 1 technician
– 1 administrator

Set-up :
15 hours (Excluding pre-hanging)

Width / Depth / Height
13m / 9m / 6.1-7.3m

Audience size:
Small to large venues

– Talkbacks
– Workshops with Margie Gillis and Legacy Project Dancers

Booking : info@margiegillis.org

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