Literature of the body

© Sasha Onyshchenko

Because ultimately, in the face of exile, what else but the body? The body, our body, is indeed all we have, wherever we go, wherever we get lost, wherever we misstep, wherever we discover and illuminate ourselves.

– Alina Apostolska Métropole

Sensual and evocative movement that guides us into embracing our humanity. Under Margie Gillis’ artistic direction, the Legacy Project dancers and guests unite to bring you Literature of the Body, a poetic and somatic, impactful program. Through these two groups works, the audience is treated to the inner workings of our soul’s journey, while shining a spotlight on the poetry that resides in the art of dance.

Notions of vulnerability, forced social change, loss and disruption, and the joy and sensuality of life, all feature in this assemblage of works. Coming from a ceaseless well of inspiration, Literature of the Body is a must-see, a gift from the world of dance.

Two stories are told. The first faces the hard truth that 1/3 of the world’s population are refugees and with Climate change that number is expected to explode. Who are we in this statelessness? Who are we homeless and unmoored? The second is from the world of James Joyce, who wrote, Ulysses, based on the private inner dialogue of his wife, the character : Molly Bloom. Her world, her community, her gentle outcast husband and the young intellect Stephan. Wild and wonderful this town’s woman and  her true connection to nature win the day in a cacophony of coming to YES.


Margie Gillis in collaboration with the performers

Geneviève Boulet, Alexandra Caron, Marc Daigle, Caitlin Griffin, Tessa Rae Kuz, Ruth Naomi Levin, Kyana Lyne, Hoor Malas, Susan Paulson, Alisia Pobega, Jason Martin, James Viveiros, Rachelle Bourget, Jerome Zerges, Chelsea Bonosky, Lucy M. May, Annmaria Mazzini, Isabel Cruz, Erin O’Loughlin

Azam Ali and Loga R. Torkian from Lamentation of Swans

Ulysses by James Joyce,
Recited by Siobhan Mckenna, Jim Norton, Anne-Marie Cadieux,  Emmanuel Schwartz, Gaétan Leboeuf and Geneviève Boulet

Pierre Lavoie

Rose and Sonya Bayer


General Public
Year of Creation : 2022
Duration : 75 min (including an intermission)

Available in English, French and Bilingual

Crew :
– 8 to 16 dancers
– 1 choreographer
– 1 technical director
– 1 administrator

Set-up :
15 hours (excluding pre-hanging) 

Width/Depth/Height :
13m (40’) / 9m (30’) / 7.3m (24’)

Audience size :

Outreach :
– Talkbacks
– Workshops with Margie Gillis and Legacy Project dancers   
– Conference: Conversations with Margie

Booking :
Valérie Cusson 
Tel: 450.990.1214
Cusson Management

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