Bulletins From Immortality [2011]

“The Legacy Project is magnificent, by its values as much as by its gesture; Gillis’ disciples are excellent, and this occasion will surely propel them towards greater dance.”

– Catherine Lalonde, Le Devoir

This creation was born from a collaboration with the Stella Adler Studio in New York City. American acting icon Elizabeth Parrish and Canadian dance icon Margie Gillis combine forces to reveal the revolutionary, innovative, and modern in Emily Dickinson’s work. A prisoner of the straight jacket imposed on women of her era, Dickinson shattered her bindings with atypical verses, unbridled punctuation, and approximate rhymes. Parrish narrates, bringing life to the interior world of the poetess, while Gillis reveals her psyche through movement.

Duration: 60 minutes



Margie Gillis


Margie Gillis


Elizabeth Parrish


Paola Stryron

Projection Design

Margie Gillis


Margie Gillis

Sound Mixer

Margie Gillis

Light Design

Pierre Lavoie

Set Design

Randal Newman


Adrienne Surprenant


Margie Gillis


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