“The point is Love; the point is Transformation and Wisdom; the point is Touching the Source and the Soul of others.”

– Margie Gillis

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A screening of works in progress

Initiated in response to COVID-19, Inter/rupted presents four select works in creation, disrupted by the virus. Fortunately, this work was captured on film by the wonderful Louis-Martin Charest a few weeks prior to the lock-down, and we are thrilled to be sharing it with you.

To inspire beauty, art and movement is more important than ever. This is why we are using our love of dance to bridge the gap between us, bringing us closer to you during this time of physical distancing and offering rare insight into these beautiful dances before they are polished and edited for distribution – enjoy!

To Lose the World

Over a third of the world’s population are designated refugees. To Lose the World explores the phenomenon of being forced to flee, of losing one’s home, and of searching for a new life.

“The work, as you will see it here, are the first 2 sections of a 3-part work. Only the first section is complete. I had begun shaping the second section and we were still working on the filming set-up. We expected to only use that section for our press edits and to run the second section for added snippets. But the dancers gave so wholly of themselves that we find the second section very much worth sharing with you as a preview of the work in its raw form. Not all the dancers who worked on the piece were available for the shoot. But as we are a pick up company, we joyfully went with who was able to be there that day.”

– Margie Gillis

Dancer(s): Geneviève Boulet, Alexandra Caron, Marc Daigle, Caitlin Griffin, Ruth Naomi Levin , Annmaria Mazzini, Susan Paulson , Alisia Pobega & Neil Sochasky

Breathing in Bird Bone

Breathing in Bird Bone is a study of our inner spiritual relationship to birds. We crave the sense of flight but we are earthbound.

“Performed by Annmaria Mazzini who had just finished learning the piece; she threw herself into the movement script wholeheartedly, bringing to life the vivid and rapid transformations in character and quality. She has made this work her own. Her beauty as a strong performer and a dancer of excellence shines through the architecture and imbues the soul of the dance with compelling radiance.”

– Margie Gillis


This piece is a compilation of 2 dances: Leopold Bloom & Molly Bloom
Leopold Bloom is an exploration of Ulysses’ Leopold Bloom’s ruminations on the beach. His slow laborious movements match the speed of his thinking as he bumbles and jumbles his way with a soft frustrated patience. Molly Bloom is based on Molly Bloom’s soliloquy “Yes I said yes I will. Yes.” 

“I have always loved dancing to the spoken word and I have, for a long time now, wanted to do a full length work on James Joyce’s Ulysses. I wanted to play with gender inspired by James Joyce as he takes on the internal voice of Molly Boom. I had choreographed excerpts of Molly Bloom’s ‘Yes’ speech as a solo for myself and then had choreographed excerpts of Leopold Bloom into a solo for Christopher Gillis, my brother and dancer with the Paul Taylor company. I have finally started the work on this piece that I’d envisioned bringing to life many years ago. I have a brilliant cast with whom I began the process. The piece will eventually have a female dancing a Stephen Dedalus section, and more Mollys and Leopolds of both genders.

– Margie Gillis

Dancer(s): Geneviève Boulet, Alexandra Caron, Caitlin Griffin, Ruth Naomi Levin , Annmaria Mazzini, Susan Paulson , Alisia Pobega & Neil Sochasky


Inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s quote, “Let there be spaces in your togetherness…” Duet delves into the world of two individuals, each one centered in their own storyline, their own struggle, their own joy.

“Performed by Marc Daigle and Susan Paulson, this work unofficially premiered during our 2019 fall tour. Though this dance is finished, I envision it as an opening to a larger journey in relationships. I am truly enamoured with the consistent tension as the story unravels. The layers of the relationship are revealed through the texture, the challenge that the weighted slow movement presents to the technique of the dancers.” 

– Margie Gillis

Dancer(s): Marc Daigle & Susan Paulson



Margie Gillis

Geneviève Boulet
Alexandra Caron
Marc Daigle
Caitlin Griffin
Ruth Naomi Levin 
Annmaria Mazzini
Susan Paulson 
Alisia Pobega 
Neil Sochasky
> Dancer Bios

Louis-Martin Charest

Claude Précourt

Pierre Lavoie

Sasha Onyschenko

Gaétan LeBoeuf

Ulysse by James Joyce, read by Siobhan McKenna


The scenes were danced in the magnificent Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, Jeanne-Renaud theatre. Superb images in movement captured by the talented Louis-Martin Charest, set to light by my brilliant, long-time collaborator Pierre Lavoie. Our rehearsal and creation periods were made possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, Louise Lapierre Danse. Additional rehearsals and creation stages took place at the St-Mark’s Church in Acton Vale, QC. The Legacy Project also benefits from its collaboration with Springboard Danse Montréal and its Artistic Director, Alexandra Wells, who has had a decisive influence on its creation and initial genesis.

My most sincere thanks go to the dancers in these images (listed above), as well as those who don’t appear here but remain at the heart of the Legacy Project: Adam Barruch, Élise Boileau, Chelsea Bonosky, Daphne Fernberger, Kate Hilliard, Lucy M. May, Troy Ogilvie, Anne Troake, Peter Trosztmer, and Frances Whitford.


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